Potato Flatbreads with Garlic Butter, Cheese and Baby Kale | Ooni Pizza Ovens

Potato Flatbreads with Garlic Butter, Cheese and Baby Kale | Ooni Pizza Ovens

We asked Greg Spring, founder and creative director of Hen’s Teeth Dublin and Head Chef Killian Walsh to create a unique recipe fit for St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. They landed on this cheesy potato farl (an Irish savoury pancake of sorts made with flour and potato).

Like the classic potato farl, Killian’s recipe uses grated potato and flour. It includes buttermilk for an extra-creamy texture and is topped with wild garlic butter, baby kale, smoked scamorza, and local Irish cheddar before getting fired in the oven. Killian recommends Coolattin cheddar, a local, clover-fed cow’s cheese from West Wicklow, but you can use your favourite aged cheddar if none is available near you. The garlicky butter, crisp kale, and melty cheese work together to create layers of irresistible flavour and texture. The resulting flatbreads are larger than a dough ball but smaller than a pizza, making them an ideal party food. These require no resting or fermentation, so they can be whipped up day-of and served to hungry guests within hours.

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Hen’s Teeth is a café, store, gallery and creative studio in Dublin where love for great food, art, music and culture all come together. There, head chef Killian “Killer” Walsh (formerly of the Michelin-starred L’Enclume and Pied à Terre) creates contemporary Irish food with influences from his time spent in kitchens around the globe.

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Ciaran Harte – DOP
Charlie Doran – Edit

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​​00:00​​ – Introduction
00:24​​ – Make the dough
​00:36 – Knead the dough
00:42 ​- Roll out and shape the dough
00:45 – Add toppings
01:05 – Cook in Ooni pizza oven
01:14 – Final touches and serve!

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