How To Make Jam-Stuffed “Doughnuts” Cooked in Cast Iron | Ooni Pizza Ovens

How To Make Jam-Stuffed “Doughnuts” Cooked in Cast Iron | Ooni Pizza Ovens

Carnival is a joyful celebration of extravagance, and it happens in February and March every year.

In Germany, Karneval (or Fasching) is also known as the “fifth season of the year” as it runs all the way from mid-November to the beginning of Spring. In the Rhine area at the peak of the season, people put on costumes and watch dancers, musicians and decorated carts in procession, calling “Alaaf” or “Helau” — triumphant expressions with early German origins. Meanwhile, mystery goodie packages known as “Kamelle” are thrown to the crowds and picked up by eager children (and adults, too).

We took inspiration from jam-stuffed doughnuts — a popular treat served at German Karneval — for this How To Make Jam-Stuffed “Doughnuts” Cooked in Cast Iron recipe, cooked in Ooni pizza ovens.

Soft with a sticky center and dusted with sugar, they’re the perfect handheld snack for the days’ festivities. This tear and share dough ball dish is filled with a selection of different jams wrapped in a sweet leavened dough, so each ball has a hidden surprise inside.

The leavened dough we use for this recipe is enriched with eggs, butter and sugar, so it takes a little longer to proof — but the extra time is well worth it. The result is soft and pillowy — a bit like monkey bread. Once proofed, you divide the dough into 16 portions, then flatten each portion into a palm-sized round, which you fill with a spoonful of jam. You can use as many flavors as you wish: We chose lemon curd, strawberry jam and raspberry jam.

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——–Video content———-
​​00:00​​ – Introduction
00:07​​ – Make the dough
​00:29 – Knead the dough
00:34 ​- Divide and stretch the dough
00:37 – Fill with jam
00:45 – Cook in cast iron pan
00:50 – Final touches and serve!

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