How To Make Cotechino and Lentil (Cotechino con Lenticchie) Pizza | Ooni Pizza Ovens

How To Make Cotechino and Lentil (Cotechino con Lenticchie) Pizza | Ooni Pizza Ovens

While not conventional, this Cotechino con Lenticchie Pie is a festive, pizza-fied spin on the traditional Italian New Year’s Eve feast of poached sausage and lentils.

Cotechino isn’t a traditional Italian pizza topping. This Emilian-originated sausage made with pork, lard, pork rind (the name comes from the Italian “cotica” for pork rind) and spices is usually simmered for a few hours and served with lentils on New Year’s Eve. (Eating cotechino con lenticchie is thought to be a good omen — wealth and good luck — for the year ahead).

But we are talking about sausage, one of pizza’s most popular toppings, so we couldn’t stop wondering about a pizza homage to this Italian New Year’s tradition. To determine the best approach, we turned to two of our favorite Italian recipe developers, Ooni Ambassador Vincenzo Viscusi, and Antonio Malati, who couldn’t resist the challenge.

The toppings are simple but do require a bit of prep. After a bit of experimentation, Viscusi and Malati reinterpreted the lentils as a loose purée for a flavorful base. They opted for fior di latte for a creaminess to complement this pizza’s rich flavor. As cotechino tends to run soft after cooking it for several hours, they found that a sprinkling of tender, unblended lentils and scatterings of roasted potatoes and chopped walnuts added a nice contrasting texture. This isn’t something you’ll likely find at your local pizzeria, but it is a rich and delicious riff on the classic dish.

Find the full recipe here:

———Video content———-
​​00:00​​ – Introduction
00:19​​ – How to make the dough
​01:34 – Divide into dough balls
02:00 ​- How to cook the cotechino
02:20 – How to prepare the potatoes
03:30 – How to prepare the lentils
04:15 – Lighting up Ooni Koda 16
04:22 – Stretch your dough
04:39 – Top the dough
05:27 – Transfer to your pizza peel and give one final stretch
05:38 – The cooking process
06:00 – Adding the finishing touches

Merry Christmas!

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