Grant Batty’s BBQ Chicken & Bacon Smokehouse Pizza

Grant Batty's BBQ Chicken & Bacon Smokehouse Pizza

Grant Batty | Ooni Karu 16 | Ooni Pizza Ovens

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Cook and food writer Grant Batty shows how you can make a delicious, elevated version of a takeaway classic in an Ooni Karu 16; smoky BBQ chicken and bacon pizza.

List of tools:
Ooni Karu 16:
Ooni Cast Iron Grizzler Pan:
Ooni Cast Iron Skillet Pan:
Ooni Dual-Sided Grizzler Plate:
Ooni Perforated Pizza Peel:
Ooni Bamboo Pizza Peel & Serving Board:
Ooni Stack:
Ooni Modular Table – Large:

Video Chapters:
00:00 – Intro
00:15 BBQ Sauce
00:38 Prep toppings
00:45 Make pizza
01:20 Launch and bake
01:30 Outro

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