Baker’s Math Explained | Ooni Pizza Ovens

Baker's Math Explained | Ooni Pizza Ovens

For those of you who break out in a sweat at the mere sight of the word ”math” – don’t panic just yet! Baker’s Math is actually a pretty simple concept once explained. In this video, Mike breaks it down for us.

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——–Video content———-
​00:00 Introduction to Baker’s Math
00:15 The Formula
00:30 How to Make Neapolitan Style Pizza Dough Using Baker’s Math
01:20 Scaling Your Recipe using Baker’s Math
02:00 The Final Recipe
02:20 The Magic of Baker’s Math: Flip It Based on Your Desired Yield!
03:00 Math Recap
04:20 It’s That Simple!
04:28 Applying Baker’s Math to Any Recipe
04:50 Download the Ooni App (linked above – features a dough calculator!)
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